• Starcom engineers the most advanced software – reliable and designed from the ground up to fit your growing business.
  • Starcom integrates all parts of your business into a well-organized system for maximum productivity.
  • Starcom puts the information you need to watch over your business at your fingertips so you can minimize costs and maximize profits.
  • Starcom keeps you connected to the information you need anytime, anywhere.
  • Starcom ensures resources are available when you need them, production stays on schedule and you are shipping the highest quality product.
  • Starcom empowers your employees to get their work done fast and accurately and keep your customers happy.
  • Starcom's decades of support experience ensure your system is a success so you can focus on growing.

In our 30 plus years of delivering and implementing specialty software solutions for the growing industry, we have helped hundreds of growers like you.


Integrate your operation into a smooth flowing system so you can delegate confidently.


Equip your employees to accomplish daily tasks faster and more accurately.


Keep an eye on your business performance so you can rest assured schedules are on track.


Keep pace with the constantly changing demands of your industry so you continually provide your customers with the best service.

We have perfected the unique requirements required by different product and customer mixes.

We are more than a software company with total service to reach goals together.


Starcom has the most talented engineers constantly innovating and building powerful software tools that reduce your workload.


Starcom’s Plant Partner ERP software is the most comprehensive management solution. More >>

We understand your business model. Our years of experience provide the unique features you need for a perfect fit. Eliminate your frustrations with incompatible generic software packages!


Starcom integrates with any financial package and implements a total solution for you with our Acumatica Financial System. More >>


At Starcom, we understand that taking responsibility for your success requires a lot more than just building high quality, cutting edge software. Our experienced consultants set you on a road map for making the most of your investment and ensuring everyone in your operation is equipped and utilizes the system to its fullest potential.

Our full service commitment gives you a holistic approach to:

  • Understanding your business process and setting prioritized goals.

  • Creating and managing feasible project plans for smooth implementation and continuous improvement.

  • Effective, patient training programs for all your users regardless of how computer savvy they are.
  • Ongoing, responsive support for all time zones.

What our clients are saying

The business has changed so much from twenty years ago. Customers expect us to be able to manipulate data like a Fortune 500 company does. They don't look at us as little farmers anymore. We are an integral part of their business and Plant Partner allows us to behave that way. Plant Partner has allowed us to run all kinds of reports and get back to our customers in an immediate way.

South Central Growers 

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