Powerful Reporting and Dashboards At Your Fingertips

As a busy manager on the go, you want quick access to vital information, wherever you are, to support your daily decisions and monitor  performance.

Plant Partner Enterprise provides a system of online reports and dashboards you can view on any device to put just what you need securely at your fingertips. You are empowered to respond quickly to activity and keep pace with your busy organization.  Provide professional, quick responses to customer requests for information.

Plant Partner also comes with a powerful, embedded report designer. Your staff can customize customer reports, delivery documents and labels to be exactly what your customers and production team wants. It is easy to copy and edit all of our system reports to provide just what you are looking for.

The business has changed so much from twenty years ago. Customers expect us to be able to manipulate data like a Fortune 500 company does. They don't look at us as little farmers anymore. We are an integral part of their business and Plant Partner allows us to behave that way. Plant Partner has allowed us to run all kinds of reports and get back to our customers in an immediate way.

South Central Growers